Former 'May Bukas Pa' Good Characters Now Turn Bad!

They were the two former "May Bukas Pa characters that we all used to love. But not anymore now...!

They were now the new characters that really hated by the people every afternoon!

Dominic Ochoa as Wilfred Dominguez

Precious Lara Quigaman as Dra. Monique Benitez

Yup, they were now the new villains in the two top-rated daytime TV series of ABS-CBN namely "Rosalka" and "Impostor". After being supportive and good characters in the hit inspirational series "May Bukas Pa", their roles now in these two new soap were really Primera Kontrabidas!

We all loved the character of Dominic Ochoa before being a loving priest Fr. Jose who took care and gave a father love to Santino (Zaijan Jarantilla). He always guides and protects the miracle boy. But now, Dominic is Wilfred Dominguez, the main villain in the new TV series "Rosalka". He is an influential man in their town, he is used to getting his way which is why he is filled with hatred even years after he failed to make Cecille (mickey Feriols) his wife. He will make the life of Rosa (Empress Schuck) too miserable!

On the other hand, Precious Lara Quigaman is the loving wife of Mario (Tonton Gutierrez) in "May Bukas Pa". She was also a good mother to their only daughter Joy, the best friend of Santino. Playing the role of Criselda in the story, she is the police woman who always fights for justice and a very kind-hearted! But now she turns bad in the No. 1 afternoon teleserye PHR Presents "Impostor"! She is now Dra. Monique Benitez, a beautiful, smart and determined woman who is so perfectionist and easily gets angry with ugly people! She is the who make the impostor to get back the wealth from Anthony (Sam Milby). She is the black-mailer of Devin (Melissa Cantiveros)!

Yes, avid viewers of these two new soaps were really angry with these two kontrabidas! They make the lives of our bidas miserable! But without them, our favorite teleseryes will not be that exciting and truly breath-taking! For Dominic and Precious, a very good job well done! They can able to shift from being good to bad characters! This is a good sign of being a good actors and actresses! Nice one...!!! C",)

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