Will Love Finally Got Its Second Chance in the Final Round?!

Did love finally found its true love in the final round? Did it eventually got its second chance in the end?!

Well, this may be some of the questions that await the viewers of this light-romance story in Precious Hearts Romances Presents: "Love Me Again" from the pocketbook story of Heart Yngrid.

The story was stared by the former Pinoy Big Brother Double-Up ex-Housemates Cathy Remperas, Johan Santos, and Tom Rodrriguez with Ms. Valerie Concepcion.

In the story, the roles of Johan and Valerie were siblings wherein Valerie being the older sister of Johan made a revenge from the heartache encounter by his brother from Cathy. Tom was the former suitor of Valerie and now the lover of Cathy. Valerie wanted to have Tom just to hurt Cathy. Then the twist in the story goes on...!

Now in the final week, we all see that Tom and Valerie were now sharing a good hands and falling with one another. Johan was already an engineer. But how about his affair with Cathy? Are the love between these four characters were for real or just for the sake of each others' interests?!

This will gonna be a romantic double date this coming Friday afternoon in Hapontastic block of ABS-CBN if love was really given a second chance in "Love Me Again"! Let us all see how love will move for the four of them! C",)

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