Robbie and Gwen's Wedding Photos

Still, you are cordially invited to the wedding event of the year, the Robbie-Gwen nuptial.

After you have seen their wedding video, the recent episode of "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo", they will provide us now their wedding souvenir.

Here are some of the wedding photos of Robbie (Gerald Anderson) and Gwen (Kim Chiu):

These photos were they souvenirs for us. So keep them and handle them with care! =)

Still talking about their wedding, the event took place smoothly! Some of their close friends and family members such as Ringo (Coco Martin) and her ex-girlfriend, Mama Pets (Gina Pareno), Selina (Maricar Reyes), Alicia (Max Eigenmann), and Steve (Gabby Concepcion) were present in the ceremony.

So sad that Gwen's mom, Celine (Kris Aquino) didn't witness the most important event in the life of her daughter. Even her known father Frank (Albert Martinez) didn't able to see Gwen's wedding. But still, Frank was in the church but decided not to go in the actual ceremony!

After the wedding, what will happen next?! What other trials will this couple face? Well, we will all see that in the upcoming episodes of this Kimerald's hit teleserye, "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo"! C",)

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