Pinoy Big Brother Teenternational 'Bed Spacer' Housemates – "The Korean Boys"

Last Night, the reality series, Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 introduced three batches of teen housemates from the different countries. They will live in the Apartment house neighboring the current Pinoy housemates.

There were three batches of international housemates introduced. Since Korean is really a huge hit in our country today, let me introduce to you these Koreans Boys as our first batch!

They were:

Ryan “Simpatikong Leader” ng Korea

Jack“Resort Prince” ng Korea

Richard“Romantic Achiever” ng Korea

So, can they be the next "Boys Over Flowers"?! Oops...they were only three, who among the F4 is missing?! Who will be the next Jhun Pyo from them?!

Well, it's gonna be a Korean craze in the house of Kuya in the next succeeding days! C",)

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