Pinoy Big Brother Teenternational 'Bed Spacer' Housemates – "The Global Girls"

Now let us proceed with the international girl teen housemates in the kuya's house!

This second batch of the bed spacers in the house of big brother were all came from the different Asian countries. That is, they were called as the Global Girls!

So, let's meet them:

JENNY"Sassy Smart Girl" ng Korea

ANN LI"Diligent Daughter" ng Taiwan

APRIL"Cantonese Hottie" ng Hong Kong

SOPHIA"Obedient Darling" ng Korea

Well, Asianovela will live in the Apartment house because of these four Asian girls! Two of them were Korean! Hmmm...could they be the next K-Pop girls who will sing us "Nobody" or "I Don't Care"?! And who between these two will be the next Dara or Sandara Park?!

And of course, is the Taiwanese girl in this batch will be the next San Cai of the Taiwan's hit "Meteor Garden"? How about the girl from Hongkong?! Cast your bets! C",)

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