Mixed Fairy Tales in 'The Last Prince'

"Beauty and the Beast", "Snow White", "Cinderella", "Ibong Adarna", "Genie in the Bottle", "Sleeping Beauty", "Little Red Riding Hood"...what more did I forgot?!

Well if you're not familiar with these famous fairy tales or if you wasn't yet watched those popular bed time stories, you can see them all in the the fantasy series "The Last Prince".

Seems that this Alkris Telebabad soap is putting all together the different hit fairy tales into one connected story. Since I used to grow up with these different fairy tales, I easily recognized where the particular chapters in "The Last Prince" were adapted.

On the initial chapters of this fantaserye, it can easily recognized that the story was patterned into the "Beauty and the Beast" wherein Aljur Abrenica was turned into an ugly man due to a curse. He eventually fell inlove with Kris Bernal who can bring back the good face in him. Then the story of Cinderella was put during the time that Aljur was finding the girl who left her shoe after his party. "Genie in the Bottle" and "Little Red Ridding Hood" was also noticeable in the latest chapters wherein the villain was trapped in the bottle and granted the wishes of the person who let him out in the bottle. For "Little Red Riding Hood", it was during the time that the witch camouflaged into a good lady wearing a red dress.

The story of "Ibong Adarna" and "Sleeping Beauty" were also introduced on the first episodes when the whole people in castle became asleep and turned into a stone!

Aside from these mentioned fairy tales, other more similar fairy tales were also revived in the story. What more did I forgot?!

Maybe this is the way of the production to attract younger viewers. The station claims the more viewership from the younger audiences. "The Last Prince" is such a one big fairy tale that can be split into other more different stories.

In terms of the rating game, this program shows a variation of high-low wheel. Sometimes it is on top while often below. But still they were click and suited for the children!

How about you...what other more fairy tales you want to see here in "The Last Prince"?! C",)

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