Will PBB’s Maichel Fideles be the Next Zanjoe Marudo?!

If Ivan Dorschner is similar to Gerald Anderson, then another new housemate of this Season's PBB Teen Clash of 2010 has a corresponding look-alike!

Look at the images below:

Maichel Fideles

Zanjoe Marudo

Yeah, the last or the 16TH housemate called as the "Courageous Lakan ng Samar", Maichel Fideles looks similar to the former ex-housemate hunk Zanjoe Marudo!

Maichel (pronounced as "Michael") was a replacement to the girl termed as the "Dependent Darling"! Big brother decided to replace the girl with Maichel after the girl failed the medical examination conducted as part of the housemates' screening process!

On his very first day on the kuya's house, he was already given a task!

Aside from his facial resemblance to Zanjoe, he has also many similar features with the actor! Look at the next images below:

Maichel Fideles

Zanjoe Marudo

Yup, in face and in body, he is like Zanjoe! We may recall that Zanjoe was a former hunk model of an underwear besides being a famous cover boy now. And this new housemate is also a former bikini pageant contestant! Besides this, he also joined various ramp modeling!

Is this a coincidence or intentional?! Ivan is to Gerald while Maichel is to Zanjoe!

Great...new housemates have a corresponding look alike with the former housemates!

Exciting! What do you think?! c",)

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