Will PBB’s Ivan Dorschner be the Next Gerald Anderson?!

At first look, they were really looks the same! Yup, I remember Gerald Anderson on him!

Will he be the next Gerald Anderson?!

Ivan Dorschner

Gerald Anderson

This was the major question that goes on the minds of every viewers as this half-Pinoy teen housemate Ivan Dorschner entered the Kuya's house! He really looks similar to Gerald!

If you will recall way back in 2006, Gerald Anderson entered the first Season of PBB Teen Edition. His appearance, his skin, his tone...was like this season's Ivan Dorschner! A heartthrob and a head-turner for everyone! Seems that history repeats itself!

Now in your opinion, did Ivan Dorschner has the guts to be the next Golden Boy?! =)

If's that the case, then see this trend: Sam Milby-->Gerald Anderson-->Tom Rodriguez-->Ivan Dorschner! Did you see the pattern?! c",)

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