Thriller Intensifies, Mystery Deepens in 'Isla'!

Every Sunday afternoon, our regular TV viewing habits were all put in terror and thriller. Yup, with the breath-taking each Sunday's episode of Your Song Presents "Isla", Sunday became a not an ordinary day!

Every episode became more intensified! Thriller and mysteries get more deeper! More and more lives were taken away!

After Patria, it was Tom who sacrificed his life with an unknown killer! A big shout from nowhere signified the killing of Tom!

Is Daniel (Gerald Anderson) the mysterious killer?!

We also witnessed the saving of Sam from the hands of Daniel through her friends efforts in collaboration with the policeman (Gardo Versoza). But, Gardo Versoza was gunned shot by Daniel in their encounter! Did this incident gave us the clue that Daniel was the real mysterious killer?!

Before the last Sunday's episode ended, it was the life of Rica to be put on threat! She was already with the killer. She thought that the killer wanted to have a sex with her. But unknowingly, she will be the next person to die!

On the trailer of the next episode, the remaining members of the group decided to went back to Manila. Using a speedboat, they route the see! But an unexpected event occur...the boat eventually EXPLODE!!!!

Wow...mystery was really put on its higher level! It's gonna be another exciting episode to watch this coming Sunday! Great story, great actors! =)

But of course, don't worry 'coz I will post here the video of the last Sunday's episode (the April 11 Week 4 episode) of this hit series "Isla"! You'll gonna wait for that...!!! c",)

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