The Origin of 'Lumang Piso Para Sa Puso'

Right now, we all felt the 'kilig' moments of Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Boy Sotto as they starred in the latest installation of Precious Hearts Romances Presents "Quickilig" entitled "Lumang Piso Para Sa Puso"!

But then did you know how the original story in the pocketbook looks like?! Well, if you not yet read or see the original pocketbook, I have it here!

Yup, above is the original copy of this Precious Hearts Romances pocketbook wherein the latest episode was taken. Try to give it a shot!

Meanwhile, to give you a very quick summary of the story, "Lumang Piso Para Sa Puso" is the story of a girl who sells the old coin of her dead grandmother in a hobby collector. But since her lola keep haunting her in her dreams because of the lost of the coin, she will try to retrieve it back but the hobby collector refuse to give it back! Due to this, she will try to steel it from the collector. This started the love story between these two!

If you still have the copy of this original pocketbook, you can read it again and refresh yourself about the story. And of course, you can watch its TV series version in ABS-CBN's Hapontastic block and compare the original pocketbook story from its current TV remake! It's such a truly 'kilig' love story indeed! c",)

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