Broken Dreams in "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo"!

This week in "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo", we all witnessed the sufferings of Ringo (Coco Martin).

Ringo is about to graduate in College and ready to be a pilot next to his dad. Difficulty started when he accidentally injured a vendor by his car. Together with his girlfriend, they brought the man to the hospital and even paid an amount of eight-thousand pesos as a damaged fee!

But, the man was an opportunist! He called the NBI and reported that he was hit and run by Ringo!

Knowing that Ringo was involved, Robbie (Gerald Anderson) took the case investigation.

The man together with Robbie went to Ringo's school and blamed him that Ringo didn't took responsible of the accident. He was accused of hit and run and not paying anything to his damage! He even accused Ringo's girlfriend who was the sole witness of being a liar! With these false accusations, Ringo fought the man! Their fight was eventually seen by their school head. Unconsciously while on fight, Ringo's medicine dropped from his packet! This was seen by the school head!

Due to series of investigations, the school found out that Ringo suffer from behavioral disorders. They denied it that's why Ringo able to accept in their school. Because of this, Ringo was not allowed to graduate!

Frank (Albert Martinez), Ringo's daddy even ask Robbie and Steve (Gabby Concepcion) to hide the true findings in the investigation. But the two refused! This caused Ringo for not graduating. Even put him in an intense depression!

Fight between Ringo and Robbie took place! Ringo even took more drugs (his medicine) causing him for drug overdose! He was immediately run to hospital!

So sad and so cruel life for Ringo! The fight between him and Robbie get more intense. Even the battle of Steve and Frank fully intensified! The two families eventually put in a war zone!

What will be the succeeding chapters in the life of Ringo, Robbie, and Gwen?! How far the battle can go?! How about the love story of Gwen and Robbie, will it still prosper now that their families were now against them?! It's gonna be another action-packed scenes in the next episodes of "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo"! It such another sure hit in the rating game! Keep up the good work Kimerald!!! c",)

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