Melason's First Teleserye with Sam Milby and Maja Salvador!

After the well-loved first realiserye on TV, the "Melason In Love", the couple termed as the "Prinsesa and Prinsipe ng Masa", Melissa Cantiveros and Jayson Francisco will now have their first-ever teleserye!

And it's such a big break for them as they will join the two hot stars today, Sam Milby and Maja Salvador! =)

It was confirmed that they were part of the much-awaited Sam-Maja teamup in the afternoon soap, Precious Hearts Romances Presents: "Impostor"!

We all know that while still on the Big Brother House, Jayson's ultimate crush in showbiz was Maja Salvador. Now that they will work together, are there chances that they will fall-inlove? Of course in terms of closeness, they will become much closer!

Talking about Melai, will there be a chance that she would fall for the ultimate 'crush ng bayan' Sam Milby?!

Hmmm...smells that a love quadrangle is about to bloom! Who is for who?! It's gonna be an exciting TV series to watch! I can't wait for this! =)

Meanwhile after "Impostor" , Melason will also part of the Angel Locsin-Vhong Navarro fantaserye, "Kokey @ Ako"! Strike while the iron is hot Melason! c",)

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