‘Lumang Piso Para sa Puso’ Stars Real-Life Sweetheart Oyo Boy and Kristine!

After the real-life sweetheart starer of Zanjoe Marudo and Mariel Rodriguez, another real-life couple will grace the fourth installation of Precious Heart Romances Presents "Quickilig Maiikling Kwento Ng Pag-Ibig"! This time, Oyo Boy Sotto and Kristine Hermosa will teamup for next week's episode entitled "Lumang Piso Para Sa Puso"!

Well, this is a reunion soap for this couple. Yup, we may recall that they were first teamed in the ABS-CBN's former afternoon soap, "Prinsesa Ng Banyera" in 2008! From a drama series before, this time we may see them in a light romance-comedy story!

And also, this is their first time to star in a series as a real-life couple! On their previous soap as well as their former movies, they were both single people!

Now let's talk about their soap.

In the story, Kristine will play the role of Sandra an ordinary government employee who desperately needs money so she decided to sell her departed grandmother’s antique coin to hobby-shop owner and coin collector Dave (played by Oyo Boy).

But after using the money, Sandra has been unceasingly haunted by her lola in her dreams, which really made her feel guilty. So she decided to get the coin back from Dave. But Dave rejected Sandra’s offer.

Determined to get back her lola’s precious coin, Sandra thought of no other solution but to steal it from Dave!

Will Sandra able to get back the coin from Dave? How would romance begin between these two people? What is the role of this 'old coin' to these two individuals?! How this become so significant in the story?

Well, many more questions really awaits! It's such another exciting and a sure hit mini-series every afternoon in ABS-CBN's Hapontastic starting March 15.

Joining them in the cast were Niña Jose, DJ Durano, Angel Jacob,and Mariel Sorino of PBB Double Up! I can't really wait to see this! c",)

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