Gerald Anderson and PBB Double-Up Ex-Housemates Star in Your Song Presents: 'Isla'!

A big domination and a big reunion is about to happen every Sunday afternoon starting March 21! Yup, as the PBB Double-Up Ex-Housemates with the Golden Boy Gerald Anderson combined in a big suspense-sexy-drama mini-series in the next installation of Your Song Presents.

From the teaser itself, they will truly put our weekend afternoon in great 'heat'! Double the season, double the heat!

Their story entitles "Isla" is a tale of friendship / barkada that will be put on trials and challenges after they went together for a simple summer vacation trip. During this vacation, conflicts will arise, love and affairs will be started! But the climax of it was a mystery that they will need to solve!

Who's the real suspect?! How did they unveil the mystery?!

It's such a hot, hot, hot Sunday afternoon this would be! Now that we're experiencing a great heat because of El Nino, another more 'heat' is yet to add as these hottest PBB ex-housemates with Gerald dominate our noon! How can we resist this great heat and temptation?! =)

The Pinoy Big Brother Double-Up Housemates that were included in this series were Riza Mae Patria, Rica Paras, Tom Mott, Sam Pinto, Paul Jake Castillo, Hermes Bautista, Cathy Remperas and Johan Santos. It is their first acting stint!

See how this group of friends turned their simple vacation into a nightmare! And let's be with them as they unveil the mystery starting March 21 right after ASAP XV! I'll never missed it! c",)

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