Hottest TV Series Love Teams!

Love teams nowadays get more hotter and hotter! They were truly became so popular and dominate our TV screens. They were really the talk of the town from all-over the nation even worldwide!

Well, did you know that the hottest love teams today simply came or emerge from TV. From TV series, their tandems became so popular and dominance!

So, here are the five hottest love teams we have today. We always see them in our favorite top-rating TV series. Let's allot this post for them:

Kimerald in "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo"

Enrich in "Tanging Yaman"

Alkris in "The Last Prince"

Matmel in "Tanging Yaman"

Melason in "Melason In Love"

Well, which of them is your bet?! Who is the hottest, who is not?! Can you rank them from 1 to 5 wherein 1 is the hottest?! Who will emerge on top?!

These 5 love teams is also one of my most active polls. Still you can vote for your favorite love team in my survey poll in the right side!

Choose your bet! Give your team the brightest stars! And let's see if our bet won!

And of course, in my next suceeding posts, I will feature your top love team! So, you'll gonna wait for that! It's really exciting and so kilig! c",)

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  1. Di naman kailangan ng opinyon ng mga haters, wala sa akin ang sinabi ni Direk at least pasok sa top ten pero ang basehan is HOTTEST TOP oks din si IC dahil alam ko known din nya at naging friend si ERICH may pics sila and ALEX dahil sa one on one interview ni Ate nya sabi ni Toni na nagustuhan nya ang katorse at humanga sa galing ni ERICH pero si CRISTY and yung isang bading na da WHO hindi namin kailangan opinyon nyo dahil hindi naman sila sisikat sa inyo pero THANK YOU na rin at least hindi sila DA WHO sa inyo at si ENCHONG at ERICH lang naman ang magpapalunok ng mga sinasabi ninyo sa kanila at hintayin ninyo ang pagarangkada ng career nila.