Unveiling the Cast and Characters of 'Agua Bendita'!

As another new story will open up this Monday in Primetime Bida, our TV series habit will again be put into a different phase! New faces and new characters will then be part of our lives!

So, before we get hook with the story, let us then first know the characters in it! As I always do, here are the new fresh faces, the new characters of the soon to be hit TV series in Primetime "Agua Bendita":

Agua Cristi (Andi Eigenmann) is born with an unexplainable physical defect. In fear that she will suffer ridicule and persecution because of her appearance, her father will hide her in a laboratory.

Bendita Cristi (Andi Eigenmann) is the spoiled brat and envious twin sister of Agua. Despite being physically normal she will grow up with a lot of insecurities.

Paco (Jason Abalos) is the poor young man who will save Agua from danger. He will eventually harbor special feelings for Agua.

Ronnie (Matteo Guidicelli) is a blind rich kid who will become a good friend of Agua. Without knowing Agua’s real identity Ronnie will learn to love her for her personality.

Also, Vina Morales and John Estrada are part of the cast. Vina Morales will play as the mother of the twins while John Estrada is the father! They were the couples who find hardships in giving birth. But believing through the miracle of the holy water, their wish to have a child was granted!

Pen Medina also plays a special participation role in the story! He is the priest who would give Vina Morales the holy water!

So, are you excited to meet them?! New fresh faces in a brand new story only in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida! See you there this Monday!!! c",)

(Character Descriptions Courtesy of ABS-CBN.Com)

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