A Miracle or A Curse in 'Agua Bendita'?!

Is it a miracle or a curse? Another mystery is yet to discover this Monday in Primetime Bida!

Yup, this coming Monday, another new tale will open. After we had witnessed the miraculous story of Santino in "May Bukas Pa", another miracle (or a curse?) is about to begin! This is "Agua Bendita" which will pilot this Monday in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida replacing the hit TV series "May Bukas Pa"!

"Agua Bendita" is a hit comic story from Rod Santiago! This is the story of the two twin sister Agua and Bendita. Bendita grows and live a normal life while Aqua is a water-like twin of Bendita who live differently!

Their story started when their mother (played by Vina Morales) wished in the church to have a baby! She drank the holy water, the aqua bendita believing that this help them gave birth! Then later on, she had given birth to two twins, one is the normal baby girl while the other is under a curse!

We all know that "Agua Bendita" was formerly just an episode in "Komiks Presents"which starred Shaina Magdayao and Jacklyn Jose! This time it is now a big TV series wherein the daughter of Ms. Jacklyn Jose, Andi Eigenmann will play the lead role! She is team-up with Jayson Abalos and Matteo Guidecelli! Vina Morales and John Estrada will be the parents of Agua and Bendita!

This could be another promising hit TV series from ABS-CBN as they celebrate the 60 years of Pinoy Soap Opera! So, let's reserve again our seats on TV this Monday night! c",)

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