Get to Know the Cast of 'Habang May Buhay'!

The Judy Ann Santos comeback TV series in Primetime Bida started three nights ago! And I know, the flow of the story is somewhat clear to all of us! But then the characters were not yet all revealed!

So to give you a quick rundown of the casts and characters of "Habang May Buhay", here is a short description of each of the cast as provided by Get to know them more!

Jane Alcantara (Judy Ann Santos) - Jane grew up with only her mother to raise and guide her, and all her life she had but one dream— to be a nurse just like her mom. But fate would test her strength and determination when her mother met an accident due to the people she trusted. Jane then promised herself to search for the truth and hopefully find justice for what happened to her mother and to continue her lifelong dream… but along the way Jane will find love instead. But what if the one she truly loves is also the one causing her suffering? How long will she be able to continue to fight for her mother? Can love heal the wounds of a broken heart?

Samuel David Corpuz/ David Briones (Derek Ramsay) - Because of the tragedy of his past, he was forced to forget where he came from and change his over all identity. On his return, he will meet a woman who will challenge him. What he doesn’t know, that this time, he will once again be reunited with his childhood friend who he have wronged before. Can he owe up to his mistakes? Even if doing this could make him lose the woman he truly loves?

Nathaniel “Nathan” Corpuz / Raon (Joem Bascon) - He took responsibility for the mistake of his brother. He will again come across Rose. Nathan will do everything to restore her back to health to make up with his childhood friend Jane. But what if in the end Jane won’t still choose him? How long can he give way for the one he loves?

Patrick “Nonoy” Esteban (Will Devaughn) - The best friend and protector of Jane since they were young but they suddenly got separated. On his return as a patient of Jane, will he be able to finally admit his feelings towards the woman he has loved all these years?

Dra. Clarissa Briones (Gladys Reyes) - The stepsister of David and the stepdaughter of Ellen. Dra. Clarissa Briones is a general surgeon and is harboring a secret love for David. Where would her possessive love for David lead her?

Rose Caparas (Gina Alajar) - The widowed mother of Jane. Rose raised Jane by herself alone even with difficulty. She’s a nurse whom Jane looks up to and gets her inspiration. She will be thrust into a tragedy all because of love… and mistakes. Will she be able to finally correct the mistakes of the past?

Ellen Corpuz (Tetchie Agbayani) - The mother of Sam and Nathan. She came from a rich and very influential family. Ellen won’t allow anyone or anything to come between her and her husband Manuel. How long will she fight for the love of her husband Manuel?

Dr. Manuel Corpuz (John Arcilla) - The father of Sam and Nathan. Dr. Corpuz is a general physician and a family man. He chose his ambition and dream to be a successful doctor with his wife over the first woman he once really loved. Until when can he endure being separated from the love of his life?

Cora Alcantara ( Rio Locsin) - The auntie of Jane. Cora is a nurse of principle and courage and a true friend to Jane. She thinks of nothing else but Jane’s benefits. How long can she be devoted to Jane? Up to what extent would she be willing to do to protect Jane?

Get to know them more every night in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida right after "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo"! c",)

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