What Will You Do To Get Your 'Tanging Yaman'?!

"Tanging Yaman"...I know all of you is very much popular with this! Yup, it was a hit MMFF movie entry in 2000 which won the Best Picture award and took all the other major awards! Even their soundtrack was now a very popular inspirational song. You will hear this song in every mass or even in the doxology number of every event!

After hitting the movie and music scenes, it's now time to dominate the TV world! "Tanging Yaman" will now air its pilot episode tonight in Primetime Bida!

After her star shined the brightest in "Katorse", Erich Gonzales is again the lead star of this new soap. She will play Fina, the unknown daughter of the president of the Philippines!

Taking a bit about the story, it is all about the power and poverty! Ruel Santiago will portray the president of the country while Ago Isidro is his loving wife. Their liberated daughter is Melissa Ricks who is a spoiled brat! Unknowingly, Fina played by Erich who was grown in poor family is their real daughter. Fina's life will suddenly change after knowing the truth!

A love triangle also revolves between Fina and her former leading men in "Katorse" Ejay Falcon and Enchong Dee!

But did you know that the story in the TV series is very different from the original movie version?!

The original movie version in 2000 was led by Ms. Gloria Romero, Johny Delgado, Edu Manzano, Hilda Coronel, Dina Bonnevie, Shaina Magdayao, Marvin Agustin, and Jericho Rosales. It was all about the story of a family ties! Ms. Gloria Romero was the grandmother in the story who was suffering from Alzheimer disease. Conflicts between her children and grandchildren were happening as her memory suddenly fades!

Hmmm...I don't think if that the new TV version of "Tanging Yaman" is a revival or a movie remake of this 2000 MMFF Best Picture movie since the story of this new soap is totally different from the original movie?! But then, the new story of the TV series is an exciting one!

So tonight, let us all witness a brand new story of a new TV series before TV Patrol World. It's a pre-Primetime offering of ABS-CBN in accordance with their 60 Years Celebration of Pinoy Soap Opera! c",)

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