'PBB Double Up' and 'Showtime' Still Rule Mega Manila (Jan. 5 to 6)

ABS-CBN shows continue to dominate Mega Manila. For many days now, still the Kapamilya shows lead the game!

Here is a clip from Starmometer.com regarding the Mega Manila rating: "Pinoy Big BrotherDouble UP and Showtime are the two ABS-CBN programs that hinder GMA’s attempt to reclaim Mega Manila’s dominance.

After Resiklo, the first offering of Kapuso Movie Festival, failed to beat Showtime last Monday, two more films made an attempt. Desperedas 2 starring Marian Rivera, Ruffa Gutierrez, Rufa Mae Quinto, Iza Calzado and Ogie Alcasid was aired last Tuesday. Scaregivers starring Wally Bayola and Jose Manalo was aired last Wednesday. Although both movies garnered a respectable two-digit ratings, it was enough to pull Showtime down. Manny Pacquiao and Urduja are up next.

Pinoy Big Brother double UP with the supervision of “Big Utol” in replacement of the sick big brother, on the other hand, ruled Mega Manila’s primetime race last Tuesday and Wednesday night."
And here is the comparative ratings of both Kapamilya and Kapuso shows:

January 5 – Tuesday:

Kapuso Movie Festival 14.9% vs. Showtime 16.1%;
StarStruck Shout Out 17.7% at Eat Bulaga 25.8% vs. Wowowee 16.7%;
Daisy Siete 18% at Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit 16.3% vs. Nagsimula sa Puso 12.2%;
Starstruck Shout Out 14.1% at Tinik sa Dibdib 15.4% vs. Maria de Jesus 10.4%;
Slamdunk 9.5% vs. Banana Split 11%;
One Piece 7.4% vs. PBB Uber 12.4%;
Family Feud 11.5% vs. Precious Hearts 13.6%;
Ikaw Sana 19.6% vs. Katorse 22.3%;
24 Oras 28.4% vs. TV Patrol 27.7%;
Darna 30.5% vs. May Bukas Pa 31.5%;
Full House 28.4% vs. Dahil May Isang Ikaw 32.4%;
StarStruck Shout Out 25.3% at Sana Ngayong Pasko 24.6% vs. PBB Double Up 34.9%;
Queen Seon Dook 22.3% vs. Boys Over Flowers 25%;
Shining Inheritance 21.9% at OC to the Max 13.1% vs. Showbiz News Ngayon 13% at Bandila 6.8%.

January 6 – Wednesday:

Kapuso Movie Festival 14.2% vs. Showtime 15.4%;
StarStruck Shout Out 17.7% at Eat Bulaga 22.5% vs. Wowowee 16.7%;
Daisy Siete 15.1% at Kaya Kong Abutin ang Langit 13.8% vs. Nagsimula sa Puso 12.6%;
Starstruck Shout out 14.3% vs. Maria de Jesus 10.5%;
Tinik sa Dibdib 11.7% at Slamdunk 7.6% vs. Banana Split 9.3%;
One Piece 7.9% vs. PBB Uber 10.5%;
Family Feud 11% vs. Precious Hearts 11.5%;
Ikaw Sana 18.3% vs. Katorse 19.8%;
24 Oras 29.3% vs. TV Patrol 27%;
Darna 32.3% vs. May Bukas Pa 27.5%;
Full House 27.5% vs. Dahil May Isang Ikaw 30.6%;
StarStruck Shout Out 25.6% at Sana Ngayong Pasko 24.9% vs. PBB 32.9%;
Queen Seon Dook 23.8% vs. Boys Over Flowers 25.2%;
Shining Inheritance 20.6% at Wow Ha­yop 11.5% vs. Showbiz News Ngayon 12.3% at Bandila 7.3%.

(Source: Starmometer.com)

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  1. Finally, Eat Bulaga regained it's status as leading noon time show according to your ratings... At least people are now more intelligent in preferring a show with sense. That's a welcome development!