The Most Talked-About Ending of "Dahil May Isang Ikaw"!

It gonna be a breath-taking night tomorrow on Primetime Bida as the "pinag-uusapang teleserye ng bayan" finally came to its final night! The final count to an explosive ending will now taking place!

What is your bet?! What an unexpected thing will gonna be happened?! What then will be the final destiny of the whole cast that we used to loved? Could it be a happy or a tragic conclusion?

Last night, the whole country witnessed the revelation of Atty. Tessa Ramirez' real daughter who is Ella Alperos. At first, Ella find it hard to accept that the lawyer who sued her was her real mother. But after a series of apologies and sacrifices, Ella finally hugged the truth!

Daniel who was one of the reason for the separation of Ella and Tessa paved the way for the discovery of the truth. He was very sorry for what he did in the past and asked apology for both Ella and Tessa!

Patricia on the other hand escaped from the jail. They were planning to go to Europe but the pilot that would bring them in the other land was sicked in the hospital!

It seems that the case of Ella was hopeless. What more when the Judge finally gave the decision of the court! But the unexpected thing was that when Jaime, the real father of Ella stand in the court and sacrificed himself for his daughter when he admitted that he was the one who killed Red?! Great father!!! What could then happened to him?!

On the trailer, we had seen that the father of Patricia suffered from heart-attack when Tessa forced him to tell where his daughter is! His life was put on a critical condition!

What more shocking to see is when Patricia dressed in black went to hospital just to see his father. In the hospital she finally met Tessa! A great fight happened between the two women! The question goes, who will be shot by the gun?! Is it Tessa or Patricia that would be suffered in the end?!

Oh, it's really an exciting finale to watch tomorrow night! What will happened to Tessa and Patricia? Who will die? Can Ella be finally get free from the case she didn't done? How about his father who sacrificed his freedom just for the love of his daughter?! And what will happened to Daniel?! Will he pay for all of his sins?!

So, let us all witness this most talked-about ending that will gonna be happened tomorrow night in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida right after "May Bukas Pa"! c",)

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