Meet The Main Cast and Characters of "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo"!

Here are the main cast and characters (with their corresponding descriptions) of the most-awaited TV series to air tonight in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo":

Kris Aquino as Celine J. Crisanto
A perfectionist mother. She always wants Gwen to be perfect. That's why Gwen hates her. Her mother dies after she knew Celine is pregnant and the father was Steve. She's the wife of Frank. But Frank has a mistress. Character name is derived from Canadian singer, Celine Dion.

Kim Chiu as Gwen J. Crisanto/Sebastian
Celine's rebellious daughter. She finds the motherly love she wants from Astrud. She hates her mother because Celine always wanted perfection. She and Robbie always encounter. She falls in love with Robbie. Character names is derived from American singer and vocalist of No Doubt, Gwen Stefani.

Gerald Anderson as Robbie S. Sebastian
Steve's adopted son. He lost his parents in a very young age and he was saved by Steve. He idolizes Steve because of his bravery. He always have encounters with Gwen. He falls in love with her. Character name is derived from English singer, Robbie Williams.

Gabby Concepcion as Steve S. Sebastian
The true father of Gwen. He adopts Robbie when his parents were killed. He saves Robbie from the killers so Robbie idolizes him. Steve falls in love and marries Celina, Robbie's elder sister. Character name is derived from American singer and songwriter, Stevie Wonder.

Albert Martinez as Frank R. Crisanto
Celine's husband. He has a mistress and thought was dead after a plane crash. He turns out to be alive. He has a son with his mistress, Ringo. Character name is derived from American singer and actor, Frank Sinatra.

Coco Martin as Ringo N. Domingo/Ringo D. Crisanto
Frank's son to Astrud and Gwen's half brother. He is also rebellious and he believes he is abnormal because of his illness. Character name is derived from English musician and band member of The Beatles, Ringo Starr.

Gina Pareño as Petulah R. Crisanto
Frank's protective mother. She loves Frank so much that she will do anything for him. She corrects every mistake Celine, Frank, or Gwen does. Character name is derived from English singer, Petula Clark.

Jacklyn Jose as Astrud N. Domingo
The mistress of Frank. She takes Gwen away from Celine so that Gwen would love her more as a mother and because she can't take Frank away from Celine. Character name is derived from Spanish pop rock group, Astrud.

Maricar Reyes as Selena Sebastian
Elder sister of Robbie. She marries Steve. Character name is derived from Mexican-American singer, Selena.

Maxene Eigennman as Alicia Magdalena
A boyish policewoman who finds herself in love with Robbie. Yes, Robbie cares about her, but it doesn't mean Robbie loves her. Character name is derived from American singer, Alicia Keys.

With the Special Participation of:

James Aquino-Yap Jr. as Michael Jackson J. Crisanto

Gloria Romero as Barbara De Jesus - Celine's mother. She dies because of knowing Celine got pregnant and the father is Steve.

Mika dela Cruz as Young Gwen
Joseph Bitangcol as Young Steve
Izzy Canillo as Young Ringo
Paul Salas as Young Robbie (10 yrs. old)

(Character Descriptions Courtesy of: Wikipedia via

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