Lee MinHo's Upcoming New Drama Series as Gay is Finally Set!

We used to know him as Jhun Pyo, the leader of the F4 in the hit Koreanovela "Boys Over Flowers"! Now, this generation's heartthrob Lee MinHo will be back in our TV screen via new Korean drama series!

Hmmm...I know many of you are really excited for his comeback! So, here is the news details of the new upcoming TV series of Lee MinHo from the Korean blog site K Bites!

'Missed some Lee MinHo action? Well, 1 year after his Gu JunPyo role , the handsome actor finally back to the small screen as he will star in a new drama series!

A news came out and reported that flower boy Lee MinHo will star in MBC new drama series. The drama title will be “GaeIn eui ChwiHyang” a.k.a ”Personal Preference” or “Personal Taste” and it’s an adaptation from a fiction novel authored by Lee SaeIn. Since the news about him starring the drama revealed, the novel is being sold out in major bookstores even before the drama aired. Same report comes from the online bookstore that said it’s very hard to find the novel after the news came out.

Representative of one major bookstore, ” Since the news about Lee MinHo starring in the drama disclosed, so many customers looking for the novel. The drama is indeed getting so much interest,” he said.

Lee MinHo,” I know it’s been while since my last drama, I was in the midst of choosing a good project when I received “Personal Preference” scenario, I think it’s a fun and fresh story so I decided to take part on the drama, “he said.

In “Personal Preference”, Lee MinHo will act as Jun JinHo – a guy who disguises as a gay guy so he can be the roommate of the girl whom he likes. Jun JinHo needs to do this simply because the girl whom he likes only makes friends with gay guy; This condition has put Jun JinHo in action so he can enter her heart room.

The Drama will begin the shooting in late February and set to greet its viewers for the first time around April 2010. '

Well, are you excited to see a brand new Lee MinHo on TV? It's gonna be another TV hit this year! Dara Park plus Lee MinHo...another new tandem to beat!!! c",)

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