The Cast and Characters of 'Magkano Ang Iyong Dangal?'

Since you already knew the story of this new teleserye in ABS-CBN's Hapontastic. it's now time to dissect the cast and characters that you will love or hate every afternoon.

Again from, here are the different personalities of the main cast and characters of "Magkano Ang Iyong Dangal?":

Bangs Garcia as Carmela - She was raised by her loving Mother Rodora (Mickey Ferriols). Carmela grew up to be a very obedient daughter to her Mother. She’s a self-sacrificing, hard working and a very kind girl who dreams of having a complete family. Nilo is her one and only love. He’s the only man who has tried to save her in any possible way. She will do anything to fight for their love and along the way Carmela will learn that for the love of her life she will give up even her honor— this is the real meaning of true love.

Sid Lucero as Nilo - Growing up with Dioning (Beverly Salviejo) who did nothing but blame him for every misfortune they encountered, Nilo learned to be self-reliant at an early age. Although he tends to be naughty and proud he’s also good in school and always gets high grades. Nilo is ambitious and he yearns to be rich so that he could be a good provider to his family; so he would not have to depend on other people again. His one true love is Carmela. From Carmela he will realize the real meaning of love that it is just about fulfilling the other person’s dreams. Love is giving that other person your whole self without inhibitions.

Rayver Cruz as Troy - The son of Esther (Bing Pimentel). He grew up with a deep longing for affection and attention from his Mother and Sibling. When he was young he was friends with Carmela and Nilo and finally found in Carmela the love he wanted to receive from his family. When Carmela left him he felt rejected and soon his love for Carmela turned into obsession. He returned from the U.S totally changed; he became suave and sophisticated with a reputation of being a risk taker on the business. He has only one intention—to win Carmela back.

So, catch them all this afternoon only in ABS-CBN's Hapontastic block! Enjoy! Bet your choice!! c",)

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