Toni Gonzaga and Luis Manzano's Teamup Back in 'My Last Romance'!

After their first TV series teamup in "Crazy for You" way back in 2005, Toni Gonzaga and Luis Manzano were back in each others' arms every Sunday afternoon via Your Song Presents.

As their new mini-TV series called "My Last Romance", hope that this could not be their last tandem together!

On the series, Luis plays a young painter. Seeing Toni, he painted the lady of her dreams! He eventually fall in love with Toni painting and glancing her from time to time!

Will Toni's character also fall in love with Luis' role?! Or there is another third party people who would hinder them?! Why is it titled as such?! Are their love affairs in the story their final romance?

The said mini-series will start to air on January 3, 2009 right after ASAP. Joining Luis and Toni in the series are Alessandra de Rossi and Ms. Gloria Romero!

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