Sam Milby in the Christmas Week of 'May Bukas Pa'!

The rockoustic heartthrob Mr. Sam Milby will grace our Christmas week as he will be the next guest big star in the top-rating and multi-awarded inspirational TV series, "May Bukas Pa"!

After the story of Krista Ranillo's character last night, another new life story will be touched by the miracle hand of Santino. This time, he will heal the wound of this generation's crush ng bayan character, Sam Milby!

In the story, Sam Milby will play as the rich young man who was bedridden for a long time because of his sickness! Santino's foster father, Fr. Jose (played by Dominic Ochoa) will apply for a certain work in the house of Sam. After a series a consultancy, Fr. Jose finally made it. He will work in the house of Sam Milby.

Sam Milby as a young professional in the story faces different trials and challenges specially his condition. He is full of sadness and pain! Though he is rich enough, he was not that happy! He is still longing for something or for someone!

Well, how will Santino change the life of Sam Milby's character in the story? Can Santino finally cure the sickness of Sam? Could it be a jolly Christmas awaits for Sam? What then will be the next chapters in the life of the other characters around them?

Hmmm...these will just some of the exciting new twist that we will await in this top-rating TV series "May Bukas Pa". So let us all stay tune to Santino this Christmas week only in Primetime Bida! c",)

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