The Remake Of The Remake!

Just this week, GMA-7 announced that their fantaserye "Darna" is now on its Season 2! The coming of the new characters or the new villains of Darna marked the opening of their so-called Season 2!

Hmmm...with the coming of the new casts (are they really new?) put the series into another controversy. Although some viewers like the coming of the new casts in the show but many really disagree!

According to them, since the Season 1 of this Marian Rivera's Darna, the series seems to be a 'recycle' show! Why?!

Well, first of all the new remake of the recently revive series. Yup, we still recalled that in 2005, GMA-7 already made a new version of "Darna" wherein Angel Locsin played the title role! Angel Locsin made a remarkable Darna in the history of Philippine television. But then, since Angel now transfer to Kapamilya, Kapuso got bitter and produce another Darna now in the image of Marian.

Second is the theme song. It's another recycle since the hit song of Kamikaze "Narda" was already used in 2006 for Angel Locsin's Darna. Yup, the band Kamikaze composed this song for Angel Locsin on that year since they idolized the actress who made an outstanding role as Darna!

And the third sign of remaking the remake are the casts itself! Yeah, majority of the casts of this Marian's Darna were already in Angel's Darna before. They were Celia Rodriguez who already the main villain of Angel's Darna before (Braguda) but now played as Perfecta; Eddie Garcia who is also the former foe but now played as a priest; Caridad Sanchez who was the one who gave Angel the stone; Katrina Halili who was Black Darna before but now as another snake villain; and Dennis Trillo, the leading man of Angel before! Dennis before was Edward but now he is Pancho, another man of Marian's Darna! According to some sites, "kulang na lang ibalik nila uli si Angel bilang Darna at palitan na si Marian...!"

Another hmmm...! Seems that Kapuso is remaking a remake huh!

Since they already change their Darna, why not also change even the casts!? It's better if they put new faces in this show whom were not part of the previous Darna!? Well, this is only my friendly advise to make a good quality of this show...!!! c",)

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