What's in the VHS Tape?

What is inside the VHS tape...!?

Well, maybe this is the same question you have in mind. Many of us got curious about the tape own by Vivian's father. And this is the root cause of all the happenings and conflict in the TV series remake termed as teleseryeng walang ka-Paris, "Lovers In Paris"!

The mystery of this VHS tape just started when Chairman (played by Christopher De Leon) asked for the profile of Vivian Viscara (KC Concepcion). Learning that Vivian is the daughter of the former camera man/director, he got very angry with Vivian. He eventually went back to the VHS tape he had and the past suddenly flashed on his mind.

Meanwhile, the same VHS tape or a duplicate of the same tape was accidentally found by Vivian and her cousin while cleaning their house. They were about to view the content of the tape but it didn't play on the player! What's really on this VHS tape? Hmmm...!

Because of this tape, Chairman wants to fire Vivian in their office. He asked Carlo to fire Vivian but Carlo, at first refused to do so.

Last night, we all saw how Carlo fired Vivian. It was such a romantic heavy drama scene last night!

What will now happen to Vivian!? She had no work at all! What should she do?

Well, it's another exciting and romantic chapter in "Lovers In Paris" tonight! We will all witness one of the most romantic scene, the scene where Vivian jump over in the swimming pool then Carlo save her! Another 'kilig' moment tonight! Can't wait and see...!!! c",)

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