A Very Sad Ending for 'Tiagong Akyat'!

Last Saturday, we all witnessed two legends of "Agimat" , the first was the final episode of "Tiagong Akyat" while the second was the pilot episode of "Pepeng Agimat"! Yup, two "Agimat" in one powerful slot!

There was a new beginning after the ending...!

But all was really shocked as we witnessed a tragic ending of the hero we used to love!

After Martin, the son of Tiago was kidnapped by the gang group of Max, Tiago immediately fought to save his son.

Bloody battle was taken place. With no gun shots or wounds at all, Tiago defeated his enemies. But his mortal enemy Max was still escaped having Martin on his hands.

Tiago hunt Max anywhere he go. Until they met eye to eye! There, the tidious fight between the two started!

Knowing that Max would lose in the fight, he asked Tiago to give his agimat to him in replacement of Martin. But Tiago didn't eventually gave his agimat to Max, instead he gave it to his son Martin after he was let free by Max.

Since Max was a traitor, knowing that Tiago has no agimat at all, he shot Tiago with his gun twice at the back!

Blood flows on Tiago's back but he was not yet fall, he fought Max. Even though Tiago has no agimat, he still defeated Max. On their final struggle, Max was struck in a pointed metal causing his death!

After the bloody fight, Tiago eventually fall down. He left his son Martin crying. Now the agimat was in the possession of Martin!

So very sad! Tiago died in the series! On his burial, the whole people of Cavite were at his side! Goodbye Tiago...!!!

This is another breakthrough in the TV series trends. Just what they did in Audrey's character in "Tayong Dalawa", here in "Tiagong Akyat", the main cast was also died! Hayz, though sad, we still salute these new changes since in real life the main characters also die and defeated!!!

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