The Wedding and The Struggle!

Finally, the most awaited and the must see wedding in the TV series world was witnessed! Are you cordially invited!?

Actually last week, the whole story of "Dahil May Isang Ikaw" revolved around the love story of Ella (Kristine hermosa) and Miguel (Jericho Rosales) plus the battle of the people around them!

No one can stop them! Love still saved them! Do or die, their wedding finally prosper! And this could be the sweetest and the most romantic chapter in the TV series termed as "ang pinag-uusapang teleserye ng bayan..."!

Actually this chapter of the said TV series was the most talked about event everywhere else. You may hear people saying, "natuloy ba ang kasal nila..."!? Or may utter, "may nangyari bang gulo sa kasal..!?" Infact, my officemate friends requested me to feature their wedding on my blog! They love the tandem of Kristine and Echo very much. According to them, "bagay na bagay sila...!"

Well, their wish was granted!

The Filipino saying "pagkahaba-haba man daw ng prusisyon, sa simbahan din ang tuloy..." seems to be true for Ella and Miguel. Their families were against their affair. Ella was even kidnapped. Their siblings Red and Denise also made different strategies to stop their wedding. Red even thought to gun shot his brother Miguel while Denise destroyed the wedding gown of Ella, but still love saved Ella and Miguel! The wedding was still taken into place!

It was a star-studded wedding in the story since it was delegated by the whole cast. Even the main antagonists and kontrabidas Denise, Red, and Patricia attended the ceremony and even the reception!

There were different threats of stopping the wedding, but these threats were stopped! Sweet romantic "I Dos", cool receptions, crazy sweet dance number of Miguel and Ella followed through proving the effective love team of Tin and Echo!

And of course after the wed, honeymoon follows! A very romantic place caters the love story of Ella and Miguel! This time, more romance and "kilig" moments were showcased!

Adopting the lines from their previous soap "Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas", hope this moment will never end...!

But, how far their love can go!? Now that the battle between their parents as well as their whole families were getting hotter, how can love bridge them? And since many secrets were revealed, could it be a hindrance to their affair?

Well, so many things and more exciting chapters were about to witness. Let us all see how the new Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez fight for their love and for their love ones! Many more episodes were yet to uncover! And of course, we will still see how this romance-drama TV series on Primetime Bida defeat its rival shows in terms of the rating game! c",) Keep up the good work Kapamilya!!!

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