A Terrifying Finale for 'Florinda'!

A bloody, terrifying, and a suspense-thriller ending that could be happen tonight!

Yup, as the final night for the last Susan Roces Cinema Collection installation "Florinda", all expected that it would be a real life horror. A real life horror since there was no actually ghost or monsters (unlike the two previous Susan Roces Sineseryes) but an insane killer named Criselda (played by Ms. Cherrie Pie Picache)!

Will it be an end for Florinda's life? Or another way around, an end for the killer Criselda?!
On the third and second to the last episode, we all witnessed how cruel Criselda was to Florinda. Florinda on the other hand already discovered the secrets of Criselda and the mysterious killings inside the house. She prentended to be insane just to discover the mysteries behind! And also to protect herself and her sister Rachel.

Tonight, Florinda will have to found atlast her long lost husband to be, Ramil (played by Jay Manalo). More secrets will be uncover as she go down the hidden stair below the house where she can found Ramil!

Will Florinda finally save Ramil? Will they can escape from the cruel killer hands of Criselda? What other more mysteries will about to reveal? And of course the terrifying question...who will DIE or get killed?!

It's such a breath-taking finale tonight! An ending that will surely shock us all. I can't wait to see and get frightened! Let's all have our final seats on "Florinda" tonight in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida!

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