An Ending for Good to 'Miss No Good'!

Today will be the so called "bonggacious" finale for Ciara or better known as "Miss No Good" !

"Miss No Good" is a crazy cool funny Asianovela from Taiwan which was aired via ABS-CBN's Hapontastic. Started last August, this said TV series really captured the younh hearts of its viewers.

For almost three months in our afternoon TV, we get crazy with Ciara's look. Not to mention that we also felt in love with the men around her.

Now, from formerly having a curly hair, Ciara got a very staight fine hair. Thanks then for her love interest Alvin for such make-over. Though she was still termed as a walking lady 'christmas tree' by Alvin, beauty now was with Ciara both internal and externally!

On its ending, the question goes, will Ciara be for Timmy or for Alvin? Which is which, to who is for who...! Well, we'll gonna watch them up today on ABS-CBN's daytime TV series Hapontastic! c",)

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