Heavy Drama and Sadness in 'May Bukas Pa' as Malena Passed Away!

Tears poured the whole cast of "May Bukas Pa" last night as the character of Ms. Dina Bonnevie 'Malena' died in the story.

As we all know, Malena in "May Bukas Pa" is the wife of Albert Martinez' character Mayor Enrique who is greedy and cruel to the other cast of the story. She was the main antagonist in the soap who really hates Santino. Infact, she caused the death of Santino's mother Theressa (special played by Chin-Chin Gutierrez).

But on these few days, we saw how Malena changed...from cruel to kind! She now accepted Santino since the miracle child saved his son Rico. Afterwards, she learned to ask for forgiveness in all the bad deeds she done in all the people around her.

As viewers now learned to love the characters of Malena from bad to good, here came the tragedy in the story!

Malena is about to tell the truth to Santino. But as she get along, phone calls and threat were received by Malena coming from the other woman of Mayor, Tilde.

As Malena discovered that the calls and threats were coming from Tilde, she eventually asked Tilde to meet her on the place where Theressa died. Then in that same place, struggle and fighting between the two women happened.

Malena slide and felt in gulod , the same way Theressa died as she fight against Tilde. She was left there bloody and dying!

Too late for Malena, hospital doctors couldn't saved her life. Mayor Enrique as well as the priests asked help to Santino to revert back the life of Malena. But on this very first time, Santino failed to return the life of Malena! "Hindi ko po kayang bumuhay ng patay...", Santino cried!

Santino's failure caused the breakage of friendship between his half-brother Rico. Rico is now very angry with Santino!

Too heavy to handle the dramatic scenes in this episode of "May Bukas Pa". You will really feel the tears and sorrow! Tonight could be the saddest day for them as they bring Malena on her final path!

Well, bring all your handkerchiefs tonight as we watch this No. 1 TV series on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida. It's such as heart breaking sorrow in the chapter of this soap. I also commended the background music for this one...Great!!

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  1. .,.,i will not watch may bukas pa anymore.. wala nha kasi si Ms. D. eh.. sya lng Nman ung reason Koh pra PanooriN yung May bukas pa.. huhu sad NamAn.. i will miss Her so Much!!