Comeback of the 3-in-1 Fun in 'Three Dads With One Mommy'

Have you watched the final episode? Or you missed the ending?

Well, if you're like me who missed to see the finale of this cool Koreanovela here is now your chance. Yup, I wasn't able to know who between Jake, Jayden, and Ariel, the real dad of Nicole and the final "I Do" of Lizette.

Just like some of you, I wasn't able to catch some of the episodes of this TV series last 2008 due to work. Specially the ending that I really missed! But then, worry no more 'coz ABS-CBN 2 via its Primetanghali block, you will still catch this crazy funny series.

Yeah, they will air again this Koreanovela craze on TV but now on the early afternoon block. If last 2008 on this same BER months, we used to watched them over Primetime Bida, now they will be shown again on the morning.

Hayz...I can't still watched it! I'm still on work in a dayshift. Hmmmm....!

Sharing you a little bit on the story, it was a tale of the 4 barkadas Jake, Jayden, Ariel, and the husband of Lizette who died in an early age. Lizette's husband asked his 3 friends to donate sperm for him since he has no capacity of fertilizing Lizette's egg. Fortunately, as a sign of friendship, they donated sperm for their friend.

Tragic started when Lizette's hubby died in a car crash. But before he passed away, he didn't know that Lizette was already pregnant.

The three friends kept their secrets to Lizette. Lizette didn't even know that one of her husband's friend is one of the daddies of Nicole. When the baby named Nicole came on earth from the womb of Lizette, more exciting adventures and fun also came to life!

Wow, it's such a cool and stress-relieving Koreanovela this series is! It is truly full of laughter, comedies, and fun! You will laugh all the way! You will see how the three dads and one mommy sacrificed for their love only daughter.

So talk no more, let's all witness how the whole story started and ended! From beginning to the end, let's reserve our seats on TV. But don't forget in the end, tell me who's the real daddy among the three...!!! c",)

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