An Ending with a BANG in 'Tayong Dalawa'!

An unexpected ending...! A finale with a Big twist...! A mind-bugling conclusion...!

Well, maybe these were the few words to describe how the No. 1 teleserye "Tayong Dalawa" ended tonight! It was truly a breath-taking one!

A combination of action and drama started its ending. Of course forgiveness and new life to all the casts specially to Ramon serenade its finale.

We couldn't expect that in the end, Ramon ask for forgiveness and welcomes a new life for him! He started saying "sorry" to the departed love ones like to Greta, Lola Gets, and Audrey! What more is that he paved the way to captured the terrorist gang as well his other bad members! He get back in her mother arms Marlene.

So sad and so brutal the story for him! Ramon lost his eyesight after Ingrid shot him! In prison since he was sentenced to a life-time imprisonment, he started for a new life together with his brothers Dave and JR and with his mother Marlene!

For the two David Garcia JR twins Dave and JR, they still moving on with their new lives in absence of their beloved Audrey and with the presence of their new born son Adrian!

Adrian after months was baptised in the story!

On the other hand, the wicked kontrabida Ingrid was then totally became insane. She was arrested by the policemen after shooting Ramon!

Though many main characters in the story died, the rest continue moving on with their lives. Marlene had their three sons back. Their relationship with one another strengthen!

There was another twist presented at the end of this TV series! At the end, Rosanna Roces appeared together with Enchong Dee. She presented to Marlene her son named David Anthony Garcia! The third David Garcia! there a book 2 for "Tayong Dalawa" ?! Well, it's an open ended-story! We'll gonna see!

Congrats "Tayong Dalawa" and ABS-CBN for an excellent teleserye like this! 'Till the next great TV series! c",)

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