Countdown To The End!

This year's hottest and No. 1 Primetime drama series, "Tayong Dalawa" is counting its way to the end! The most explosive and a must see ending trully excite each viewers nationwide and even around the world!

5 Days to go. The Last week for this hit series will be next week and its final farewell is on Friday in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida.

"Tayong Dalawa" is really a very remarkable and trully an impressive success TV series for this generation. For 9 months (the longest TV series nowadays), it maintains its place in the top spot. They were undeniable No. 1 series all over the nation!

The good thing for this TV series is that though they make it too long, the story then gets even deeper, full of revelations, and a more exciting plots unlike the other TV series we know! It creates a mark in the history of Philippine television!

Not just the story, even the stars, the actors and the actresses really gave their best roles and acting for the series! We all love the characters of the three brothers Ramon, Dave, and JR. We trully loved Audrey while on the other hand we hate Ingrid! And of course, we all laugh with Lola Gets and Marlene!

Well, let's all see how it will end this friday! What will be the most exciting and breathtaking revelations to come!? What will happen to each ones' characters?! All of us will really await this! So, let's all reserve our seats on TV for the last 5 days on this No. 1 TV series "Tayong Dalawa"!! C",)

See Yah!!

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