The Untold Beginning of 'Tayong Dalawa'!

Yeah! Let us all know Ingrid, Marlene, Elizabeth, and Lola Gets better this Sunday afternoon!

This is the untold beginning, how the story started in "Tayong Dalawa"! You will see the childhood of both Ingrid and Marlene and how they were raised by their mothers. Their trials and experiences as well were all revealed!

And of course the love triangle of David Garcia Sr. to Ingrid and Marlene!

With this untold beginning, the story was focused on this four main women of the hit TV series. You will realize how their characters in the story originate. You will understand why Ingrid became the ultimate 'maldita' and 'kontrabida' in the story. Of course you will also know how Marlene raised her three sons. You will know how they came out on earth!

Yeah, you will love and differentiate the two grandmothers Elizabeth (Helen Gamboa) and Lola Gets (Gina Pareno). They were the roots why their daughters became as such! more too many talks this time. I'll let you watch the whole story this Sunday. If there was an ending, of course let us all look back first on how it all began!

So, Catch it all this Sunday! c",)

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