Audrey Dies in 'Tayong Dalawa!'

Audrey, Kim Chiu's character in the No. 1 Hit TV series "Tayong Dalawa" died last night!

After giving birth to their first son and detecting that she has a heart problem putting her life in a very stiff or a very little chance of survival, Audrey passed away!

At first after she gave birth in the hospital, we all thought that she already recovered since her child and herself survived. But just last night, after I opened my TV in my mobile phone in the bus going to my office, I was shocked to see the whole cast wearing black and crying! Even her jailed father was there in the funeral crying and begging for forgiveness!

Meanwhile her husband JR (played by Gerald Anderson) couldn't accept that Audrey already passed away! He was still on the state of denial!
This episode, the second to the last night was the saddest! Scenes were very emotional! You could truly cry and feel the emotional situations!

Even the way Audrey die was really a dramatic one! Imagine, we all expect that she will die in the hospital after giving birth, but then she passed away in their home falling down in the floor! She can even say goodbye and gave the necklace to JR! It was a totally crying-out loud moment!

Well, this maybe just one of the remarkable ending we can expect for this hit series! We can expect more and more unexpected and truly exciting scenes tomorrow on its final day, the much awaited ending! So again, be there for the final episode, the ending that we should not miss! Condolence to the Garcia family!!

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