'Maria De Jesus'...An Angel Roaming-Round The Road!

It's totally a Mexiconovela Craze today!

If the Philippine version of 'Rosalinda' will pilot tonight on Primetime, another new original Mexiconovela will also begins this day!

Yup, 'Maria De Jesus', termed as "Anghel Sa Lansangan" will have its pilot episode via ABS-CBN's 'Hapontastic'!

Another new Mexican faces will dominate your daytime TV screens. Well, be ready to know and fall inlove with Maria or better known via her nickname on the series as 'Marichoy', the angelic-face girl who grew in 'bahay-ampunan' without even know who her parents are! Not just a simple girl, she's such a fighter one seeing her in the trailer.

Of course, just like the previous known telenovela, she will also fall in love with the rich hunk guy, Juan Miquel, Marichoy's love-interest in the series!

Hmmm...it's another rug-to-riches love story on TV! Well, this kind of story is truly bankatable on Filipino TV since majority of the Filipinos always love and support this kind of theme. I remember then how Thalia dominated our TV screens way back 90's by her hit telenovelas like 'Marimar', 'Maria Mercedez', 'Maria La Del Barrio', and 'Rosalinda'! Not just satisfied, Filipinos still do various remakes of her hits like 'Marimar', now 'Rosalinda', then soon, 'Maria Mercedez'!

Will 'Marichoy' be the next legendary 'Maria' on TV? Will she be the next dominator after Thalia? Or, still there will be a Pinoy Version of her telenovela after topping its daytime block?

Well, telenovela addicts will surely catch it up! Seeing both Marichoy and Juan Miquel even on teasers only, they will surely a promosing Mexican love teams that will leave a mark on Philippine TV!

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