Good or Bad JR in 'Tayong Dalawa'?

The story gets more exciting and tragic! After the murder of the supposed to be witness, Stan, JR was still on jail paying for the crime he wasn't made!

And on jail, a brand new JR was witness. Bad boy, trouble maker, 'siga'! And on the latest episode last night, JR decided to join the terrorist syndicate of Efren Reyes. They already escaped from the jail after having encounter with his twin brother Dave!

And now, the group of Dave is continuously hunting JR. But did they even know the exact mission of JR? That he is not joining the terrorist team and escaping the jail for his good? As we all witnessed, he has assigned by the police and his former team to capture the real masterminds...the real head of the syndicate!

Hmmm...this only heats up your TV screen. And this night, another new revelation is about to reveal! JR and his other brother Ramon will see each other on the syndicate! And his twin Dave is dedicated and missioned to capture him! more words, let's all watch up this breath-taking chapter in your favorite No. 1 Primetime TV series on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida tonight! See you all! c",)

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