A Time Now For Rat!

We used to watch different fantaseryes leading by the different animals like fish/sirena (Marina, Dyesebel), birds (Mulawin), wolfs (Lobo), and the combinations of horse, fish, and bird (Dyosa). Now, a brand new TV series, but take note, it's not a fantaserye or telefantasya anymore but a drama-series leading by a rat/mouse!
Yup! All of us is aware of the new daytime soap aired last Monday which is "Kambal sa Uma". As we all know, this new series is lead by rat! Ang mga bida ay may katauhang ipinaglihi sa daga! Or should I say, they were a half human-half rat creatures! Topbilled by this generations teen stars: Shaina Magdayao and Melissa Ricks, the said series pilots with a high rating last Monday topping the number one spot in the Nationwide TV ratings for daytime! Just then only proves, maging anumang hayop, maging daga man, basta't may kakaibang katauhan, tanggap pa din ng tao!

And to give you a bit trivia, the said Kambal Sa Uma series is a movie before led by Ms. Rio Locsin. Rio Locsin in her time played the role now portray by Shaina and Melissa.
I was also amaze knowing that the said series is not just a movie before but a hit komiks story! Hmm...it's such another milestone. From a simple hit komiks story, became a blockbuster movie, now became a top-rater TV series in our generation! Well then, another new stuff, another new ingredients in our TV habits! Thanks to the network that always initiates innovations in our TV program.

Now in our time, the said series is equip with a real-life make-ups and prosthetics. It's a modern touch in the modern world! Even the two lead stars were both competitive for their roles. Added to the cast was the former star of the movie, Ms. Rio Locsin as the mother of the twins! The series is also blended with the right themesong / soundtrack that will surely captures your heart. No such questions why on its pilot episode even now on its first week, the series consistenly on top! c",)

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