Carlos Agassi Admits He is Gay, His Relationship with a Gay Man Reveals!

Hunk actor Carlos Agassi revealed that he had a relationship before with a gay man which lasted for about one year! 

This revelation of the hunk actor with a sizzling yummy body took place during the promo of their movie "Praybeyt Benjamin" in 2011. During the interview of the media, Carlos courageous admitted his past experience. 

According to the actor, his relationship with the said gay man made him a better person! 

“Dati mainitin ang ulo ko, ‘di ko alam ang gusto ko sa buhay, happy-go-lucky lang ako,” Carlos stressed!

“Wala kayong dapat katakutan kasi tao rin sila, nagmamahal, minamahal, nasasaktan," Carlos added.

Carlos, who shared that “ako ang niligawan,” described the relationship as such: “I enjoyed his company. ‘Yun naman ang importante. Sex follows.”

“Nag-away kayo, nag-break kayo. Siyempre immature pa ako noon. Bata pa ako noon, about 17 or 18,” Carlos added.

“Ngayon kung magkita kami, ayos lang. Paminsan-minsan we bump into each other. Wala, we talk,” the actor shared.
Carlos was even asked if his former lover was a loud or a discreet type of Gay, the actor said that he was the latter!

“Nu’ng time na ‘yon discreet pero ngayon open na siya!”

“Wala namang nagtatanong dati, eh,” Carlos answered on the question that why he is openly sharing now his past gay relationship. 

What can you say about this brave revelation of Carlos Agassi?! Who do you think is his former gay man lover?!

Who other hunk actors do you think had a past gay relationship?! Make your wildest guest! (

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  1. In this article, there's no outright admission from Carlos that he is gay. Yes, he had a relationship with a gay but does that make him gay also?

    1. Nope. He's also considered Gay. Once you had a relation with the same sex you're absolute a homo.

    2. He could have been bi-curious or questioning (di sure, ika nga.) He could be bisexual. I've had a serious, sexual relationship with someone of the same gender (I'm female), I identify as Bi, and I'm now happily married to a man, and we have a son :) Ang old school ng ibang nagcocomment dito, naman hahahaha

    3. So kapag nagmahal ka ng aso? aso ka na din?

    4. no. you can't compare an aso. hello? bobo mo teh

  2. Uh... kasi ang lalaki pag willingly pumatol sa ibang lalaki, that makes him gay...

  3. Pareho na silang Bading! Preference din ni Carlo yon, ginusto nya yon. Puede naman syang umiwas, ginusto din nya. Ultimately, bakla na din sya. Huwag na lang syang mag deny. Meron ba syang naging GF?

  4. Pumatol lang sa same sex gay na, by that logic pag pumatol ang gay sa opposite sex straight na sila, PRAISE THE LORD! May "cure" pala. Take it as face value he had a relationship no need to complicate things by always assigning labels. Di naman magugunaw mundo. Just be glad he was open minded.

  5. most abs cbn actors are gay.

  6. most abs cbn actors are gay.

  7. ayaw nyo ng gay eh di bisexual... i think he is because i once saw him at rustan's supermarket-powerplant... doing the groceries with a girl. nevertheless....definitely he is not straight so i guess i am the grand finale here.

  8. Who cares if he suck dick or lick pussy at the same time the good thing is he got the balls to admit it. What is annoying is the labellings that you give to him.

  9. ang mahirap kc s iba masyadong judgemental... kong tutuo mn anu nmn ang problema ng iba jn, bkt sa tingin nyo perpekto kau,, ieh bka nga mas bading p yung nagcocomemt ng negative dito ieh,, think reality, hindi ka parte ngbuhay nya so dont acted like you are very much affected dahil tuwang tuwa k nmn

  10. let it be..coming out is not an easy task

  11. baket si Piolo di pa umamen? credit to him for coming out and being true to himself.

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