Monday, September 27, 2010

Marco De Silva and Kristine Emerald Fortalejo are two of the hottest characters in the top-rating romance TV series from the No. 1 Bestselling pocketbook "Kristine"! Their love story and their characters in this weeknight epic drama series were very much appreciated and avidly watch even though shown late at night.

Yup, Rafael Rosell and Denise Laurel were one of the two hottest love pairs in this Precious Hearts Romances Presents offering. Their tandem is getting stronger and stronger everyday. In fact, fans already created a fans' club dedicated to support their love team. This is called 'Rafnise'!

Just like their love team, their romance in "Kristine" is also getting stronger. Marco and Emerald is ready to fight for their love! They were together through thick and thin!

In the recent episode of "Kristine", Marco stand to be the attorney of Emerald. He defended his girlfriend against the false accusation on her!

Marco even disobeyed his mother and leaved out of their mansion. Marco would give up all he have just for Emerald! The same thing with Emerald. She didn't even listen to her mother because of Marco.

Now that Emerald is free from jail, Marco is also ready to live with her away from their clan! How far will the love story of Marco and Emerald will go? What will be the effect of this in their struggling families?!

The growing number of Rafnise supporters and the high rating received by Kristine only prove that the Rafael-Denise love team is very effective! Yeah, they two were really a perfect pair! Both were beautiful and great actors! And most of all, they were truly hot, sexy, and oh so tempting!

No doubt that from their very first PHR episode to their recent "Midnight Phantom" and now here in "Kristine", they chemistry and appeal to the public were really strong! It's awesome!

And this couple is one of the reasons why our night is always set on fire! Great! For Denise and Rafael, keep this good chemistry and tandem together! Hope you together will have many more projects to come! Through thick and thin, Marco and Emerald together...Rafael and Denise forever! Good luck...Good Job! C",)

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  1. Yeah! Love Love Love! Go Rafael and Denise! Go Rafnise!


  3. the best loveteam talaga,super sa kilig ang dalawang ito..go..go.. rafnise..morepower to both of u,ang galing galing ninyong dalawa.d best ever

  4. i admire marco and emerald worth watching for........ super and ovvvver sa kilig talaga.....

  5. i like RAFNISE your the best...go go go and more power to both of you...more projects to come!

  6. i like the character of emerald nakakainis nmn ayoko kay scarlet and besides db dapat ung love ni emerald and marco will last forever.. ang pangit nmn ang bilis nakalimutan ni marco c emerald that he find a new love with scralet

  7. after ol their sacrifices ....against ol odds in life......dapat sila ang mag ka loveteam till least bigyan naman kami na mga fans ng happy ending story....hindi sad ending...please revise the story lien and bigyan din ng favor ang desire ng ating mga bida f meron....sila ang nagbibigay mg bread and butter din sa trabaho nyo sa showbiz....

  8. f ayaw na nin denise ng mas daring role pwedi naman seguro para hindi lahat ng love story kailangan magpalabas ng flesh....bakit ang mga love story na pelikula noon pareho sa mga pinapalabas natin ngayon?yun ang dapat bigyan din ng pansin ng mga director or writer...kaya unfair naman pagumalis si emerald dahil sa ganyang role na pinapagawa sa kanya.....pero sana bigyan sya ng opportunity na makabalik sa kristine dahil nag uumpisa pa lamng ang maganda at nakakakilig na love team nila ni marco....from phantom til sana sa kristine....

  9. Where can i watch this film now, ive search for everywhere but i cant find it, can you give me the link

  10. can you give me the movie link?? couse i cant find it


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