Four Zoros on the GMA's Sparkle Ball 2023!

The recent Sparkle Ball 2023 Halloween party of the Sparkle GMA Artist Center seems to be a Zoro showdown as four of their actors relive the character of the Netflix's "One Piece Live Action" Roronoa Zoro.

David Licauco, Jak Roberto, Anthony Rosaldo, and Sandro Muchlach all dressed up like the iconic Zoro as their Halloween costume of the night!

Oh well, let's check them all below in their solo photo portraying the trending character of "One Piece." Here they go:

David Licauco as Zoro

Jak Roberto as Zoro
Anthony Rosaldo as Zoro
Sandro Muchalch as Zoro

Who among these four guys do you think portrayed Zoro the best? Who among them is your bet to be Zoro?    

The character of Roronoa Zoro in the live action version of "One Piece" in Netflix turns into a huge sensation after the Japanese hot actor Mackenyu Arata played the character!

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