5 Review Points on "Shake Rattle & Roll Extreme" as Its Teaser Trailer Earns 5 Million Views

Christmas season isn't complete without "Shake Rattle & Roll." I admit, this horror film series from Regal Films is one of my favorite childhood horror movies. It was indeed part of my childhood leading me to love and appreciate our own-made horror films. Did you even know that the very first "Shake Rattle & Roll" installment is as old as yours truly?

This 2023, it's great to know that "Shake Rattle & Roll" returns on cinemas via "Shake Rattle & Roll Extreme."  And yes, this is already its 15TH installment making it as the unbreakable longest horror film series in the history of Philippine cinema!

And just recently, on October 6, Regal Entertainment released the first teaser trailer of "Shake Rattle & Roll Extreme" across its different social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and X (formerly Twitter). And as of this writing, it earned a whooping over 5 million combined views on social media platforms, along with rave reviews from the fans sharing their excitement!      

Well, after you read the feedback from the fans and viewers, let me also share with you my personal review, my  5 review point after watching the teaser trailer. Here they go:

First, it gives me a nostalgic feels flashing back all the "Shake Rattle & Roll" movies that I've watched during my childhood. Some of the scenes from the teaser like the "zombie attack" reminds me of Manilyn Reynes' "Aswang" episode from SRR II, the "goat" scene on TV with the kids reminds me of the "TV" episode starring Camille Prats from SRR IV, and the "dinner" scene where the people were eating flesh reminds me of the "Ulam" and "Punerarya" episodes of the 2010's "Shake Rattle & Roll."  

Second, it's just a teaser but look how great its cinematography! "Ang ganda!"  What more seeing it on the actual big screen?!  

Third, the teaser also gives me a Hollywood feels specially the "zombie attack" and the scene where Jane De Leon holding a gun and shooting the enemies. It seems like we are watching an international film.

Fourth, "Shake Rattle & Roll Extreme" also caters the present generation. It is more modernized and well-adapting the Gen Z era. The inclusion of the influencers in the movie, the use of the different social media platforms as seen on the AC Bonifacio scene, and the story about the collab of the content creators in the luxurious mansion will definitely make everyone of us relate with this movie!

Fifth and finally, this newest "Shake Rattle & Roll" installment didn't fail to give us a star-studded cast! It features a talented ensemble cast including Iza Calzado, Jane Oineza, Jane De Leon, RK Bagatsing, Paul Salas, Paolo Gumabao, AC Bonifacio, Donna Cariaga, Rob Gomez, Angel Guardian, Sarah Edwards, Dustin Yu, Miggs Cuaderno, Mika Reins, Bryce Eusebio, Jewel Milag, Esnyr Ranollo, Jana Taladro, Elle Villanueva, Phi Palmos, Ninong Ry, Ian Ginema, Francis Mata, Jericho Ejercito and Girlie Ejercito. It is also directed by three directors namely  Richard Somes, Joey de Guzman, and Jerrold Tarog.

Meanwhile, here is the said teaser trailer of "Shake Rattle & Roll Extreme" which truly gives us a goosebumps. Let's watch this:

Let me also share with you a glimpse of its three episodes namely Glitch, Rage, and Mukbang. Here they are: 

“Glitch" is about a non-traditional family who discovers the existence of the insidious creature on the night it merges its lair with their home. It is directed by Richard Somes (known for SRR episodes Lihim ng San Joaquin and Tamawo).

Meanwhile, in "Rage," a bunch of thrill-seekers go on a trip, infected by a disease that cause them to fight for their lives. This episode is directed by Joey de Guzman.

Lastly, "Mukbang," the night before their huge fan meet, a group of influencers and content creators gather for a collab in a luxurious mansion. But as the night wears on, they discover that two of their own are shape-shifting monsters with a taste for human flesh. Jerrold Tarog (renowned for Punerarya, Parola, and Ulam) directed the episode.

Which of these three episodes excites you most? What's your thought after watching this first teaser trailer of "Shake Rattle & Roll Extreme?"  Feel free to share your comments and opinion on our comment box below or in our different social media platforms and let's discuss! We really can't wait to see "Shake Rattle & Roll Extreme" on the big screen! 10/16/2023 (TV Series Craze by Runner Rocky)    

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