Meet Lester Babiera, a Storyteller and a Cycling Advocate Who Recently Signs as an NYMA Talent

From storytelling to cycling! Meet this extra-ordinary guy and his inspiring story! His most viewed TikTok video already garnered a whooping 14.1 Million views! Oh wow! Well, here is his story:

Lester Babiera, storyteller and cycling advocate on TikTok, is ready to trail greater heights in the tradigital space with talent management agency NYMA. 

As short-form horror flicks thrive on TikTok, it’s no wonder that Lester Babiera’s stories of seemingly mundane horror moments are resonating with people.

Having made his debut only in 2023, Lester is fast gaining traction on TikTok with his signature “Storytime” videos. He made a grand entrance on TikTok’s horror scene with his first video to hit 1 million views titled Ambulansya, a story about a cyclist who got into an accident because there was no protected bike lane.

Now, his most viewed video, Elevator, has garnered 14.1 million views. He credits the exponential growth of his TikTok channel to this horror story as it resulted in an overnight increase of 100,000 followers. Within less than a year, Lester rapidly grew his TikTok channel, currently boasting 1.3 million followers. 

Lester’s unique approach, combining simple video production of strolling on the streets with his bike with memorable narratives where he expertly weaves suspense, tension, and unexpected twists, leaves his viewers on the edge of their seats.

While his storytelling skills may seem effortless, they are reinforced by his credentials and professional background as a writer, journalist, filmmaker, and producer. He graduated with a degree in AB Journalism at the University of Santo Tomas and soon became a contributor to the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Arts and Books section. As a filmmaker, he has produced a full-length documentary titled “Bulig (Help)” and a short travel documentary titled "Three days in three minutes: Sagada-Batad." He has also worked for television on shows like GMA’s “Siete” Palabras during the Holy Week, MYX Philippines, and more.

Lester’s passions extend beyond just telling horror stories. Prior to his TikTok fame, he was known as a cycling advocate– dedicating his time as the founder of First Bike Ride, a community of cyclists that promotes bike riding and advocates for safe cycling.

Lester shared: “Initially, my ultimate goal was simply to encourage more people to ride a bike—for their health, the environment, and to alleviate the city’s traffic congestion.” He added, “But when my videos became instant hits, I realized that I needed to advocate for safer streets and spaces, too. That’s when I transformed ‘First Bike Ride’ into a platform to be a medium for my advocacy.” 

With Lester wearing so many hats, the real struggle is “having to juggle many things all at once.” “I just want to create content and tell stories, but as my platforms grow, I find it hard to juggle the many things that come with it. That’s when I realized I needed a helping hand when it comes to scheduling, paperworks, and communicating with partners. There are days when my time gets occupied by these tasks, and I have to sacrifice my allotted content creation time and adjust my creative flow,” he elaborated.

When asked how he feels about joining the talent management agency, “I feel very happy and excited to be part of their family. NYMA is very organized, and they really know how to handle their talents– from understanding our vision to prioritizing our well-being.” He added, “So far, they’ve been giving me important guidance and assigning me essential tasks as a new talent in this industry.”

Short for “Now You Must Aspire,” NYMA, the talent management arm of KROMA Entertainment, aims to revolutionize the industry by nurturing trailblazers to break through all media spaces. NYMA’s vision is to be the home of Filipino talents in the country and bring Filipino entertainment to the world.

"Lester Babiera's talent and passion for cycling have propelled him to new heights. Now, as he embarks on a thrilling journey with NYMA as his new management, pedal by pedal, Lester is proving that dedication, a unique niche, and creativity can pave the path to greatness,” said NYMA Managing Director Kat Bautista. “NYMA is ready to ride alongside this remarkable cyclist as he leaves an indelible mark on the world one captivating video at a time,” she added.

Lester Babiera is definitely an artist to watch out for in the narrative scene. Having been lauded  for his advocacy and storytelling skills, he aims to inform and inspire more people.

As for his goals, “I want to establish a brand for my name as a storyteller who leaves an impact on his audiences. In the future, I want to hear people say, ‘Uy, kwento 'yan ni Lester!’ But most importantly, I want to tell stories to help people in the minority groups, marginalized communities, and those without a voice,” he shared.

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Good luck and more power Lester Babiera! Welcome to the NYMA family! 09/08/2023 (TV Series Craze)

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