Gel Aquino Writes and Releases a Heartfelt Song “Ang Nais Ko” Under GMA Music

Singer and songwriter Gel Aquino writes and releases her new song. This is all about hearbreak. And since hugot songs are still in-demand, definitely many of us can relate with it! 

And in line with her new song, GMA Music just had a virtual mediacon on Wednesday, August 16, 2023 where Gel shared the story behind her new single. She also revealed the inspiration about this song.

Here is the full story:

GMA Music artist Gel Aquino delves into the depths of heartbreak with her latest self-penned emotional ballad “Ang Nais Ko,” now available on digital platforms worldwide.


Inspired by personal experiences and stories of heartache, Gel poured her heart and soul into “Ang Nais Ko,” a song that resonates with those who have endured pain in their relationships. In the song, she shares her heartfelt desire for a relationship that is built in love, trust, and respect.

“The inspiration for this song comes from those who have experienced heartbreak, especially women who have been hurt and become martyrs in their relationships. The main message I want to convey is that in a relationship, one should express their desires clearly and honestly, as communication is vital to understanding and strengthening a bond,” she shares.

The song has taken the music scene by storm, making an impressive debut at the #3 spot on iTunes PH’s Top 100 songs chart upon its release. What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that it is the only OPM track to secure a place in the Top 10 of iTunes PH’s chart. This remarkable feat underscores Gel Aquino’s ability to connect deeply with her audience through her heartfelt compositions and powerful vocals.

Meanwhile, here is Gel's performance video. Let's all watch this:

Gel’s collaboration with GMA Music has been a joyous experience. “I am so happy because Sir Kedy Sanchez (Artist and Repertoire Manager and In-house Producer of GMA Music) helped me with certain parts, how to sing them and express the right emotions. I enjoyed our recording session, and everything was just a breeze. It has been a rewarding experience because not every singer gets the chance to be noticed by a record label like GMA Music. I am grateful for this significant opportunity. It’s a dream come true to be part of GMA Music as an artist," she shared.

Get ready to be moved by Gel Aquino’s soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics in “Ang Nais Ko,” now available for streaming on digital platforms worldwide. You may visit for more!

Once more, congratulations Gel and GMA Music! Looking forward for new songs and collaboration on the coming days! 08/18/2023 (TV Series Craze)


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