BILIB: The AQ Prime Music's Newest PPOP Officially Launched

AQ Prime, the fastest-rising streaming apps is now conquering the music scene! And they are taking over the PPOP community bringing us their very own homegrown PPOP boygroup!

Just this Monday, July 10, 2023, AQ Prime Music officially launched via a grand media launch held at the Luxent Hotel in Quezon City the newest PPOP boygroup BILIB. The group is composed of seven members with different personalities and different designations in the group. They are:

  • Yukito Kanai - The "Leader"
  • Zio - The "Rapper"
  • JMAC Sangil - The "Lead Dancer"
  • RC Coronel - The "Visual"
  • Clyde Ballo - The "Main Dancer"
  • Carlo Samson - The "Lead Vocals"
  • Rafael Mumar - The "Main Vocals"   

During the media launch, the members of the group shared their own story on how they started and how they were chosen to be part of the boygroup. Yukito who was designated as the leader of the group is a former Japanese instructor. He was torn between choosing to work in Japan or being a part of BILIB. But Yukito chose the later. And yes, Yukito is a re-debuting member and former leader of P-Pop group PHP.

Zio who is the rapper of the group is also a former member of PHP. Prior in joining the group, he is working as a draftsman. JMAC who was hailed as the lead dancer of the group started his career doing different dance covers. His skills in dancing paved way for him to be part of the group.  Clyde who on the other hand the main dancer of the group also chosen because of his talent in dancing. 

Carlo and Rafael are the lead and main vocals of BILIB. Their inspiring stories and their admiration to the other PPOP groups such as to SB19 lead them to be part of this boygroup. Their singing skills add harmony to the team. And of course last but not the least  is RC, the visual! His heartthrob appearance who will easily captivates our hearts paved way for him to be designated as the group's visual! And yes, he is studying prior to joining to the group.               

On our Q&A session, the group answered exciting and intriguing questions from the members of the press and bloggers present during the mediacon. One of these questions is the revelation that SB19 is their musical influence! And did you know that most members of the group want to collaborate with the Popstar Queen Sarah Geronimo? 

Well, to let you know more about these seven boys, here are my full live coverage videos during our grand media launch where their unveiled exciting facts about themselves and about the group:

The group also officially showcased their first single "Kabanata" which is currently taking over the different social media dance challenges. And yes, they gave us their sample performance during the event!

But wait, there's more! Each member of the group also showed their own moves performing their own dance challenge  of "Kabanata" at the end of the program. And here how they do it individually:

Moreover, right after the program proper, the parents and the members of the family of each of the boys were also introduced. They shared their inspiring message to the boys making leaving them teary eyes on stage!

Aside from the media and bloggers, PPop fans were also present in the event asking their idols their own questions. They also enjoyed having selfies with the group and with their bias.

BILIB is also part of the upcoming PPOP Con 2023 which will be happening this July 14-16  at the Quantum Skyview!  

Once more, congratulations BILIB and more power! Looking forward for more and more projects on the coming days! Good luck and good job! 07/14/2023 (TV Series Craze)


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