Look: BGYO Together with the Cast of 'Cutie Pie' BL Series

Our best boys, the BGYO joined the cast members of the Thai BL series, the 'Cutie Pie!'

On Saturday, June 17, 2022, the six main cast members of the hit Thai BL series 'Cutie Pie' Series had their first ever fan meeting in Manila. On the same day, a photo of the PPop boygroup BGYO watching the fan meet of 'Cutie Pie' in the venue circulated on the world wide web. The said stolen photo of the group instantly became a trending topic in social media. Fans got more excited and surprised seeing our best boys supporting the fan meeting.

And just today via the official twitter account of BGYO, a cool group photo of BGYO together with the cast of 'Cutie Pie' in the dressing room was shared. 

Here is the said group photo which truly delighted the fans of both the BGYO and the cast of 'Cutie Pie.'

In the photo are the five members of BGYO namely Akira Morishita, Mikki Claver, Nate Porcalla, JL Toreliza, and Gelo Rivera.  And the six cast members of 'Cutie Pie' series who were actually the three pairs of BL couples are ZeeNuNew or Zee Pruk and NuNew Chawarin; TuTorYim or Tutor Koraphat and Yim Pharinyakorn; and MaxNat or Max Kornthas and Nat Natasitt! 

It's really great to see them all together! Hope next time BGYO will collaborate with the cast of 'Cutie Pie' or with the other Thai actors in a music or dance performance. How about a movie or a series with them? 

Note that BGYO also performed and recorded their hit song 'The Light' in full Thai version which already gained million views combined in YouTube, in Spotify, and in other social platforms!   

Great job BGYO and 'Cutie Pie.' More to come in the coming days! Keep it up best boys! 06/20/2023 (TV Series Craze)

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