Kelvin Miranda Stars in 3 Movies and 1 Comedy Series this 2023!

He's indeed as busy as a bee!

Kapuso young veteran actor Kelvin Miranda stars in three upcoming movies and one comedy TV series this 2023! Of course, this is on top of his other activities such as sports, brand endorsements, and events related to his projects and gatherings.

Inline with his new set of projects, Kelvin just had his solo media conference, Friday afternoon of June 2, 2023 in the newly opened Fin and Claw bar in Quezon City. Kelvin answered exciting and intriguing questions from the media. And yes, Kelvin was too honest answering questions related to his past issues. 


In terms of his current projects, Kelvin revealed how he bagged roles on those movies including 'Missed Connections' with Miles Ocampo and his 'After All' reuniting him with former onscreen partner Angel Guardian. Kelvin shared his working relationship with Miles since this is their first working together in a movie. Meanwhile, Kelvin teased the media peeps about his 'topless' scene with Angel on their reunion project.

Kelvin also starred in the newest comedy TV series of GMA network called 'Walang Matigas na Pulis sa Matinik na Misis' joining Beauty Gonzales, Bong Revilla, Max Collins, and Kate Valdez in the lead cast members. 'Walang Matigas na Pulis sa Matinik na Misis' is actually a remake of the 1994 comedy-action film which also starred Bong Revilla together with his wife Lani Mercado. 

Kelvin and Beauty were already paired before as lovers in the 2021 drama series 'Loving Ms. Bridgette.' But in their new comedy series, it's interesting to know that Kelvin and Beauty played siblings. Kelvin instead is paired to Kate Valdez. 

Meanwhile during our interview, Kelvin revealed that she had two showbiz girlfriends. Are you curious who are these two former actress girlfriends of Kelvin? Well, watch our live video coverage and short highlight videos below during Kelvin Miranda's solo mediacon. Here they go:

Aside from his movie and TV series projects, Kelvin also talked about his fitness activities. Currently, Kelvin is active in extreme sports like calesthenics, boxing, motocross, and Muay Thai. This is also the reason why Kelvin's body transformed into a hot hunk stud!

On the other hand, here are Kelvin Miranda's lineup of movies and TV series:


'Missed Connections' - Netflix June 2 (Now Streaming)
Producer: Kroma Entertainment 

'After All'
Producer: ALV Productions

'Chances Are You and I'
Producer: Pocket Media Productions

'Poon' - Cinemas 2023
Producer: High Cricket Productions

 TV Series: 

'Walang Matigas Na Pulis sa Matinik na Misis' - Airing this Sunday, June 4 on GMA. 

Once more, congrats Kelvin! It's really your time to shine the brightest! Keep up the good work and more power!

And for our readers, which of these new movie projects and TV series of Kelvin Miranda excites you more? Who among his leading ladies do you like and love the most? Feel free to share us your thoughts here in our comment sections below or in our other social media platforms. 06/04/2023 (TV Series Craze) 


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